Yevgeny Zubov was born in 1955 in St. Petersburg (then Leningrad). He studied at the prestigious Repin Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg under professor Milnikov, graduating in 1979. Zubov became a member of the Artists' Union of Russia in 1981. In 1983 he was offered a teaching position at his alma mater. He has been teaching drawing at the Academy since.

In 1985 he won the Lenin Komsomol prize, a respected award for young painters. Zubov's works have been purchased by Moscow and St. Petersburg museums. Numerous paintings are in private collections in the United States, Japan, France, Germany, Finland, Belgium.

Exhibitions since 1996 in the U.S.: Birmingham, Chattanooga, Raleigh

Listed works of oil on canvas or board are from a series of work painted by Zubov in the Crimea. The Crimean peninsula lies on the north coast of the Black Sea. It was under Turkish rule for 300 years before going to Russia under Catherine the Great in 1783. Today, the Crimea is claimed by Russia, though a region of Ukraine. The town of Yalta with its natural parks and walkways overlooks the Black Sea. It is the Crimea that had increasingly attracted aristocratic visitors in the years since being incorporated into the Empire. And it has been a traditional subject for not only painters, but also writers and poets moved to call it the "enchanted periphery" of the Russian Empire.