Born:      Mozdok, Russia, 1970

1980-1985 studied in the Art School of Mozdok.

In 1986 entered the Piatigorsk Art Institute. Finished with a specialty of drawing instructor.

1992-1998 studied in the School of Portraiture in the Repin Academy of Arts in St.Petersburg. Graduated at the top of her class and received honors for her diploma work.

The artist has participated in several exhibitions since 1997 in the United States. In Russia Torshkoeva shows her paintings through commercial galleries. She prefers the portrait genre over landscapes and still lifes, but has regularly taken commissions for an array of subjects.

Torshkoeva's work is collected abroad in Spain and the United States.

Marina is married to Mark Dotson, an artist from Montana, and they live and work full-time in St.Petersburg. One of the couple's directions is working with orphans of all ages. Their studio, called Troitsa" (Trinity) is often filled with students learning all aspects of art.