Arkady Orekhov was born in 1949 in Lvov, today in western Ukraine. He studied at the School of Architecture and Art in the Polytechnic Institute of Lvov (formerly Lwow under Polish rule, and called Lemberg during Austrian rule). He received his Art degree from this school after a successful education in music in secondary school. Today, Orekhov performs in a jazz band, including annual European tours. The 2008 season included stops in the Czech Republic, Germany and Poland.

The most recent personal exhibit of Orekhov's was in his home town at the 100-Year Anniversary of the founding of the Lvov Train Station (1904). The public showing was a city-wide event commemorating an historic railroad dating to Austrian rule of Galicia.

     Orekhov has had several one-man shows in galleries and salons of Eastern Europe, including Russia, Poland, Czech Republic and Ukraine. His work hangs in permanent public collections in the Lvov History of Railroad Museum and the School of Architecture. Throughout the late Soviet period, the artist's work was picked by a significant number of prominent government officials for private collections.

     Growing up in the Carpathian Mountains and the industrial, multi-cultural city of Lvov gave Orekhov a unique blend of themes for his watercolours, beginning from childhood. Orekhov's detail of railroad cars and engines, as well as trolley cars, comes from his study of their structure and mechanical history.

     The artist is married. Alexandra, his wife works as a teacher in the Lvov Academy of Arts.

      Orekhov's attention to the history of Lvov, its streets and trains has become legendary. Commenting on his own 'Lvov Street" series:           

"Because of Lvov's unique history as a multinational town, its art and architecture were closely linked with those of Western Europe and to a certain extent, with the Balkan countries. The streets, lanes and alleys of Lvov so interweave themselves that even a person familiar with every turn can forget in which empire, of which country, he or she is walking -- Polish, Austrian, Soviet, and now Ukrainian."

     Orekhov has been featured on Ukrainian television with his annual watercolour exhibits, as well as with "Tender Blues", his jazz company. Several programs included accompanying music and showings of Orekhov's work devoted to the history of railroad, steamengines and city trolleys.