1953                    Born, St.Petersburg, Russia

1971-1977           Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, St.Petersburg

1975-1991           Portrait commissions: artists, Communist Party officials

1977                    First professional exhibitions in St.Petersburg and Moscow

1978-1980           First exhibitions abroad: Helsinki, Copenhagen, France

1978-1980           Repin Academy of Arts, St.Petersburg:
                            Received degree under Professor of Arts, V.I. Oreshnikov

1980-present      Member, Union of Artists
                            One-man shows in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Spain

1995-present      Exhibitions in the U.S. and Europe:
                            Birmingham, Charleston, Chattanooga, Copenhagen, Istanbul,
                            Richmond, Washington, D.C.
                            St.Petersburg and numerous cities of Russia

Chudnov's work has been auctioned and sold through Christies of London. Works are held in museums of St.Petersburg and in private collections in Europe, Japan and the United States.

In 2004 Chudnov was awarded the St.Petersburg Prize for Best Summer Gardens landscape in the 300-year Anniversary of the gardens of Peter the Great.

Currently partners exhibition company in St.Petersburg, with art exchanges in Finland, Denmark, Turkey and Japan. Chudnov's wife currently manages a gallery in St.Petersburg where both of their art is shown.