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Biographical information:

Born: December 24, 1956 in Bashkortostan (Bashkir).

In 1972 enters Ufa Art College.

From 1976 continues studies at the Baskortotstan State Pedagogical Institute in the School of Painting and Graphic Arts. Graduated in 1981.

In 1983 actively participates in group and regional exhibits, as well as exhibits under "Inzer" and "Gengis Khan" groups.

From 1992 active collaboration with Bashkir Regional Ministry of Culture is combined with partnerships with the "Ural Gallery".

Member of the Artists' Union of Russia since 1993.

Public Collections:

Tretyakov State Gallery
Bashkir State Nesterov Museum
Ministry of Culture of Bashkortostan
Museum of National Art, Kazan
Turan Gallery, Kazan, Russia
Ural Gallery, Ufa, Russia

Private collections:

Moscow, Kazan, St/Petersburg and Ufa, Russia
United States

Participation in exhibitions and auctions:

1990 "Ghingis-Khan" Group Exhibition, I.Gaz's Palace, St.Petersburg, Russia; 1991 "TATART-91", Marble Hall of the Ethnographical Museum, St.Petersburg, Russia;
1992 Exhibition of Artists from Bashkortostan, Zaltsburg-Vienna, Austria;
1994 "Moon Dreams", Central Artist's House, Moscow;
1994 "Moon Dreams", "Miras" Gallery, Ufa;
1995 "Ghingis-Khan" Group Exhibition, Main Hall of the Artists' Union of Bashkortostan, Ufa;
1996 "Ghingis-Khan Comes Back", Center of Culture "Kazan", Cultural Fund "Turan", Tatarstan;
2001 "ACCR-CDS" Show, St.Petersburg